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from the album
Perfect Wife
(Robertson 10)

I went to the opening, I grabbed a glass of wine
ate a couple grapes, I was having a good time
Til I saw you in the corner with a bottle of beer in your hand
You were laughing and talking to some man
I don’t know why it’s true
It’s a proximity effect, I can’t be in the same room as you.

I got out of there so fast, I grabbed a yellow cab
But every light was red and I kept looking back
Don’t know what I was lookin’ for, or what I would see,
Cause I swear you don’t mean nothin’ to me

I’m sure sooner or later
I’ll be fine sooner or later
I won’t mind sooner or later
I’m sure that’s true, but for now…
It’s a proximity effect, I can’t be in the same room as you

If you stay in your own town, I will stay in mine
I won’t go to openings and it should be just fine
Don’t make any sense, don’t make any sense to me
It’s just all a matter of don’t tell, don’t see.



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