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Gotta Lincoln convertible
Let’s put the top down
The day is warm. Let’s go for a ride
You can wear your sunglasses
You can tell me what’s buggin’ you
You’ve said nothin’ but I know you lied.

You know I’m crazy about you
I’d do any thing for you
You’re all I ever wanted from life
So, whatever it is
What ever it is
You can tell me about it while I drive

I didn’t see that coming
I thought you were happy
I thought this was where you want to be
I don’t understand
This wasn’t the plan
Why are you saying you want to be free?
Don’t you know you’re killing me?

You’re my grassy knoll
You’re my misdirection
And I only have myself to blame
I was caught off guard
And it hit me hard
Now nothin’ will ever be the same



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